Extended Travel


extended travel largerTemporary Storage Space for Extended Travel

It’s great when opportunity knocks with an offer you can’t refuse. However, sometimes that opportunity calls for you to leave home for an extended amount of time. Maybe it’s a contract job in another state or country or a semester abroad. Better yet, it could be a long vacation.

But first, there’s the extended travel dilemma: How can you jump at a chance to get away when you’re weighed down, so to speak, by your belongings? Are you prepared to rent out your house or sublet your apartment? What will you do with all your things?
Fortunately, when change happens quickly, Door to Door is quick to help. Let us remove some of the stress from the equation. Our talented Sales Consultants will set you up with an affordable, convenient storage solution that’s just right for your extended travel plans.

Contact us right away for fast, friendly service delivered with integrity. Our storage containers can be there before you even get your travel plans figured out. And if your trip gets extended again while you’re away, no problem. Your belongings will be safe in our storage centers until you get back.

Door to Door also has everything you need to prepare and pack the contents of any room, including:

  • Small, medium, large and specialty packing boxes
  • Locks
  • Bubble wrap and tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Furniture covers

To get started, simply use our Quote form at the top of this page, or contact a Door to Door Sales Consultant who will be happy to answer your questions.