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“What are we going to do with all this stuff?” Once the plans have been drawn and the contractors have been contracted, the realization sets in: You can’t rip out the floor with everything still on it.

So where’s it all going to go? You could jam it all into another room or your garage for a month (or six). You could also rent a truck, load everything up, unload it at a self-storage facility, and then do the whole thing in reverse when the project’s done.

Fortunately, you have another, far easier option: Door to Door portable storage containers. Delivered right to your home, our home remodeling storage containers let you get everything out of the way and keep it safe while still being able to access your items whenever you want.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to load
  • Secure

Our friendly, helpful Sales Consultants help people prepare for remodeling projects all the time. And don’t forget that Door to Door also has packing kits that include everything you need to prepare and pack the contents of any room. Or you can purchase packing supplies separately, including:

  • Small, medium, large and specialty packing boxes
  • Locks
  • Bubble wrap and tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Furniture covers

To get started, simply use our handy Quote form at the top of any page, or contact a Door to Door Sales Consultant, who will be happy to answer your questions.