Oregon Trail vs. Door to Door for Moving Infographic

Oregon Trail vs. Door to Door for Moving - An infographic by the team at Door to Door Storage

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Infographic Transcription

Door to Door Storage Presents: The Oregon Trail, Famous Moves.

The Oregon trail is a famous moving route in American history. It runs close to 2,000 miles in length and takes hopeful travelers from Missouri through the Rocky Mountains to the Willamette Valley. Between 1840 and 1860 it is estimated that close to 300,000 pioneers made the journey west using the Oregon Trail. The move took an average of five months to complete. Door to Door wants to take a look at the Oregon Trail and compare the moving practices of the pioneers with those of the modern man who chooses to implement the uses of Door to Door. You be the judge on the better choice.

The Basics

The average family needs two containers for a move. = 560 sq. ft.
The average pioneer family only gets one wagon. = 308 sq. ft.
Storage units hold 252 more sq. ft. than a wagon!


A two container move costs about $1,800.
Pioneers spent an average of $23,688 in modern money on their move.
It's over 13 times more expensive to travel by wagon!


Pioneers must travel by wagon. The journey takes 4 1/2 to 5 months. That's up to 152 days, taking 15 times longer than Door to Door.
The Door to Door customer traveling the Oregon Trail can drive to their destination in as little as 30 hours. They also don’t need to bother with transporting their storage units. Our professionals take care of pickup and delivery to your new location in 10 days or less.


A Door to Door truck can transport ten storage containers.
That’s FIVE families at once!

The estimated CO2 equivalent released from one oxen for one year is 6 tons.

That means that in the half year trip each oxen is responsible for 3 tons.
Each wagon needs at least two yoke, that's four oxen to complete the journey.
That means that based on Oxen alone 12 tons of CO2e are released during the
2,000 mile journey.

One 2,000 mile trek in a Door to Door truck uses 3 and 1/3 tons.

One Door to Door truck moves five families. That reduces the CO2e to only 1,333 lbs per family.
Even with the driver’s personal emissions factored in that’s 18 times more efficient!