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Don’t Pack Your Stuff Home

Store It For The Summer


Door to Door Storage is honored to team with Stanford University in providing a convenient and affordable summer storage solution.

Our storage containers will be staged throughout campus from May 30th through June 19th. In the Fall, we will be returning the containers to campus starting on September 6th.


$340 per container for 3 months of storage at our indoor storage facility with 24/7 security. Our storage package includes the delivery of the Door to Door storage container to campus, a lock for the container, three months of storage, Customer Protection Plan of $7,000 per container, and re-delivery of the container to campus in the Fall.

The $340 per container price is only for summer storage. If you need storage beyond summer, please call 888.366.7222 for a custom storage quote.

Boxes will not be sold on site. Please order your packing boxes when you order your container.

Door to Door Storage Container:door-to-door-container-w-measurements

The Door to Door storage container was specifically designed to hold 1 – 1.5 rooms of furniture or 40 – 50 medium size boxes. Our containers are built out of high quality plywood that allows the container to breath and dissipate moisture, this helps to keep your belongings safe from mold or mildew.


To reserve your container, call one of our friendly booking agents at 888.366.7222 and make sure to mention which drop-off location you would like your container delivered to.

Drop-off locations: ( map )

Containers will be on-campus for 72 hours. Please ensure you pack your container within the 72 hours your container will be on campus.

  • 1A – Wilbur Otero / Rinconada; bike rack area. This location will be unavailable after 12 PM on Friday, 6/13/14. – Closed by University
  • 1B – Wilbur Okada / Junipero; Bike rack area. This location will be unavailable after 12 PM on Friday, 6/13/14. – Closed by University
  • 1C – Stern and Sweet Halls on the dirt area between the two buildings. Only available 9/6 to 9/12 or after 9/17.
  • 1D - Updated 9/11/14 – Branner Hall, dirt area behind building. No containers allowed between 9/15 at 3pm and 9/17.
  • 2 – Mirrielees, dirt strip between the side walk and parking lot in front of Mirrielees, A wing on Escondido. No containers allowed between 9/15 at 3pm and 9/17.
  • 3 – Cluster III, dirt area in Cluster III parking lot on Bowdoin St.
  • 4 – Mayfield row houses / Durand.
  • 5 – Synergy, small area in front of compost bins.
  • 6 – Robert Moore Houses, dirt field between Robert Moore Houses (Italian and Bob houses) and Florence Moore.
  • 7 – Enchanted Broccoli Forest (EBF), Asphalted area between EBF and Campus Drive.
  • 8 – Lagunita and Roble, dirt area next to Ujamaa.
  • 9 – Lagunita / Governor’s Corner, dirt strip area between Governor’s Corner and Lagunita along Santa Teresa St.
  • 10 – Governor’s Corner, dirt strip alongside Governor’s Avenue South.
  • 11 – Bowdoin Street, dirt area alongside Bowdoin Street.
  • 12 – Santa Teresa and Lyman, dirt area between trees.
Stanford University assumes no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, items in storage. Additionally, contracts with Door To Door, are entered into by the student and the company. The University is not a party to these contracts.