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Job relocation

Relocating for a New Job

Job relocation is on the rise. Nearly fifty percent of American workers say they will move for the right job this year.

Whether your career takes you to a new home that’s just on the other side of town or all the way across the country, the moving process is undeniably stressful, especially if you are moving your entire family with you.

But what makes job relocation especially stressful in today’s day and age are the shrinking relocation budgets of many companies. Simply put, more workers than ever before are relocating on their own dime – or at least without much financial help from their employers – and this poses its own set of problems.

Fortunately, Door to Door is experienced in dealing with problems just like this. With affordable prices and convenient services, we make your new life transition as easy, pain free, and affordable as possible.

Why People Relocate

With such high numbers of American workers relocating, or seeking relocation, for work, it is interesting to consider why there is this surge in job relocation.

When it comes down to it, there are several primary reasons that people relocate for work. These include:

  • To Find Work – One of the most common reasons people relocate for work is to find a new job with a new company. Maybe they are unhappy with their current gig or maybe they are unemployed. Expanding your job search across state lines might just net you the position you’ve been looking for.
  • To Make More Money – Another common reason for job relocation is to make more money. Oftentimes, people move when their current employer has an open position with a higher salary grade in a different city.
  • To Advance Their Career – At the same time that people are moving to increase their earnings, they are also moving to advance their careers. Job relocation puts you in a new work environment. One where you might have a more advanced position or increased work responsibilities.
  • Just Because – A surprising number of workers seek job relocation “just because.” Some want to experience a new city. Some are tired with the same old scenery. Some just want adventure. There are dozens of reasons people relocate for their job other than the job itself.

Biggest Relocation Challenges

But relocating for work isn’t all fun and games. A number of difficult challenges come along with it. According to a study by, workers commonly coped with the following relocation challenges.

  • Higher cost of living
  • Family stress
  • Difficulty making new friends
  • Homesickness

Fortunately though, over seventy-five percent of workers were happy with their relocation when all was said and done. They benefited from making a fresh start, having new experiences, earning at a higher level grade, improving long-term career opportunities, and living in an area with better neighborhoods and schools.

Tips for Successful Job Relocation

While job relocation has its benefits, for both you and your family, it isn’t always a walk in the park. There are several things that you need to know, as well as some useful tips, when planning your move.

For the most successful transition possible, make sure that you:

  • Stay Organized – Staying organized and planning the logistics of your move ahead of time are key to successful job relocation. Keep to-do lists for every step of the journey, especially for your departure and arrival locations. Better yet, let Door to Door handle the storage and transit of your possessions, so you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Know What’s Available – Before beginning your move, know what sort of assistance is available to you from your employer. Detail your estimated moving costs (use our Free Online Quote for a free estimate on our moving and storage services) and present them to your employer. Even companies that don’t normally help with employee moving costs can be negotiated with to chip in.
  • Do Your Research – Get a feel for your new city before pulling up to your new house. Research the cost of living along with neighborhoods you might enjoy living in so you have a basic grasp of what living in the city is like. Along these same lines, renting is often a great way to ease into job relocation, at least at first.
  • Think About Your Taxes – Many work related moving expenses are tax deductible. Keep close track of your expenses during your move and you might just be partially reimbursed come tax time.

The Easiest Path From A to B is D to D

When your career takes you somewhere new, Door to Door is right there by your side to make the transition as easy as possible.

Our dependable portable container moving and storage services are the perfect solution to all your moving woes. Want to take things slow? The ability to leave some – or even all – of your belongings in storage prevents unpacking and re-packing before you commit to a permanent home. Or if you’re immediately happy with your new place, we can drop your storage container off right away, giving you as much time to unpack as you need before picking it up.

Moving from point A to point B doesn’t have to be difficult when you use D to D. Contact us today by phone at 1-888-366-7222 or with our handy quote form.

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