Zombies vs Door to Door Storage – An infographic by the team at Door to Door Storage

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Zombies vs Door to Door Storage – An infographic by the team at Door to Door Storage

Zombies vs Door to Door Storage – An infographic by the team at Door to Door Storage

Infographic Transcription

Top Cities to Move to Post-Zombie Apocalype

1. Red Oak, OK
2. Mountain Home, AK
3. West Liberty, KY
4. Pennsboro, WV
5. Carlin, NV
6. Hettinger, ND
7. Sierra Blanca, TX
8. Thayer or Alton, MO
9. Cedar City, UT
10. Pikeville, TN

Top Cities to Avoid Post-Zombie Apocalypse

1. Atlanta, GA
2. Dallas, TX
3. Phoenix, AZ
4. Orlando, FL
5. Chicago, IL
6. Houston, TX
7. Denver, CO
8. Seattle, WA
9. Charlotte, NC
10. Sarasota, FL

1. Portable Storage

Containers can hold up to 50 medium sized boxes of food, medical supplies, ammunition, homemade zombie traps, a lifetime supply of Twinkies, etc. Resources stay dry and safe from exposure. Containers can also be securely locked to prevent potential thievery. Zombies tend to have difficulty with things like “doors” and “locks”. 

2. The Watch Tower

An elevated platform is ideal for tracking wandering mobs from a distance. Keep yourself well out of reach/bite of any approaching zombie. Also, it’s a nice place to enjoy the scenery. And during the Age of the Zombies, the rampant bonfires create a beautiful sunset. 

3. The Cage

Containers can be converted into zombie cages with minimal effort.
Each contain can hold up to 7 adult zombies (number may vary depending on remaining appendages of captured zombies).  

4. The Pillbox

Containers can be buried and modified to provide the perfect defense for strategic structures like entryways, bridges and resource caches. Zombies are dumb, despite the amount of brains they’ve eaten, and will not be able to figure these structures out. 

5. Zombie Trap

It works for varmints, so why not zombies? Most effective when used in conjunction with The Cage. Once trapped, you’ll be able to poke the zombies with sticks, which will act as your only form of entertainment around camp.  

6. The Emergency Bunker
If your home/compound/abandoned prison is overrun by zombies, multiple containers can be combined to create an underground bunker. With three containers together, you can create a suitable underground dwelling for 2-3 people.  

7. Spike Pit

Bury a container in the ground and put big ‘ol spikes in the bottom, just like Mortal Kombat. Spike pits are the ideal method to thin the herd without having to risk your own neck by stepping out on the front lines. 

8. The Great Wall

Use multiple containers to create a wall around your compound. Even the most cunning of zombies are unable to scale a large wall. 

9. People Mover

Use storage containers like a chariot. Put them on a flat bed and rest easy inside knowing you’ll be able to breathe because our containers are made of wood (not plastic) while in transit. Zombies will assume the container is some kind of giant, formidable, living beast.

10. Zombie Smasher

Fill a container full of heavy objects and drop it on a group of zombies. It will work at least as well as a piano but won’t have the same awesome sound. Unless you put a piano in it, of course.

Bottom Line: If you’re prepping for the zombie apocalypse or, you know, looking to move somewhere new or store your belongings, visit us at www.DoorToDoor.com.