Top 10 Reasons To Live In Boston, Massachusetts

By Door to Door in Boston, Moving, Moving To... on 08/20/2015

Chock full of sm(ah)ty pants, high culture music & arts, amazing mouth-watering beer and a distinct four seasons, Boston is an economical power house packed with young, intelligent and emotionally healthy sports fans. Here are our top 10 reasons to move to Boston: 

  1. Sports Town
  2. Economics
  3. Equality
  4. Outdoor Adventures
  5. Music & Theat(uh)
  6. Universal Healthcare
  7. Amazing Beer
  8. Young Major Metropolis
  9. Likely to Cure Cancer
  10. Walk Anywhere

Sports Town: With 9 championships in 13 years, they don’t call Boston “Titletown” for nothing. Bostonians have been studied and prove to have a much higher than average interest in nearly all sports than like-minded adults in other major cities. They are loyal, very loyal…like still-love-Tom-Brady-loyal. Our suggestion? Brush up on Boston Sports before moving there…your new friends will appreciate it.

Economics: Ranking #6 on the Global Economic Power Index in 2012, Boston is a major player in one of the 12 Mega-Regions responsible for $3.75 trillion in economic output – which is more than Germany. While there is a strong emphasis on the finance, education, professional services, and medical sectors; tourism is also big, with travelers spending billions on this city of attractions ranking it high on the country’s top 10 places to visit list.

Equality: From well-known legal cases promoting the end to segregation in schools in the 1840’s to being the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, Boston remains in the top five most liberal cities throughout the U.S. No need to bleed blue here but you’ll likely be happier if you can carry a high regard for individual rights and freedoms and let go of some of those more traditional values.

Outdoor Adventures: New England is known for it’s four distinct seasons and incredibly diverse geography. From amazing beaches to mountain ranges there certainly is no shortage of things to do for the outdoor enthusiast. Surfing, rock climbing, cross country skiing, building sand castles, forest hiking, and biking through the farmlands is really just the start of what’s in store for you in and around this Gateway City.

Music & Theat(uh): Don’t let the accent fool you, Boston is regarded as a highly cultured city, most likely a result of its rather young, intellectually minded residents. As a result, you’ll see no shortage of high quality venues for performing arts, visual arts and events. From Boston Pops and Boston Calling to the Washington Street Theatre District you’ll never run out of places to go on date night.

Universal Healthcare: In addition to having some of the best hospitals located in and around the Bay State, former governor, Mitt Romney, significantly reformed healthcare in the state of Massachusetts. This Universal Healthcare provides affordable medical coverage to everyone without an accompanying tax hike. Even with its issues, RomneyCare has resulted in an insured rate of 98%, 15 points higher than the national average.

Amazing Beer: Since the 1800’s Boston has been known as a mecca for beer. There may have been as many as 27 active breweries by the late 1800’s alone. Today, Boston is known for its “brewing communities” giving way to countless breweries, alehouses, pubs and tasting rooms. Drinking mass produced imported beers can be highly frowned upon, so when in Boston, drink local beers and make the Puritan’s proud (they licensed the very first ‘publick house’ in Boston which proudly made and served ale).

Young Major Metropolis: It goes without saying; Boston is home to some seriously smarty- pants-20-somethings. With so many major colleges in and around the city, it’s booming with young singles looking to mingle. The median age is a mere 31.2 and to top it off, Boston continues to rank pretty high on the Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index which measures emotional and physical health, among other things.

Likely to Cure Cancer: Boston has already made huge strides against infant HIV, malaria, and type 1 diabetes, nearly wiping out all three. With the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute leading the countries charge in the fight against cancer, it’s really only a matter of time….

Walk Anywhere: You can walk nearly anywhere in the city of Boston in under and hour. There are even a plethora of marked walks and trails throughout the city like the Freedom Trail, Boston Heritage Trails, JFK Trail, Boston Sports Trail, Bunker Hill Monument, and the Rose Kennedy Greenway Walking Tour. Make sure to enjoy the green spaces of Boston’s public parks as well then finish it all off with Boston’s Walk To The Sea. Yes, Segways are for sissies in Boston.

So if you are single, in your 20’s or early 30’s and looking to match up with an opposite sex (or same sex), well educated, beer loving sports enthusiast with a bit of culture and a heart for diversity, look no further! These healthy spendthrifts are certainly in abundance throughout this thriving metropolis.

And in the interest of helping you make friends faster…it’s pronounced Woo-ster (Worcester) and Gloss-ter (Gloucester). You are welcome.

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