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Top 10 Reasons To Move To Dallas, Texas

By Door to Door in Dallas, Job Relocation, Moving To... on 10/02/2015

There are a lot of things to look for when trying to plant your roots and Dallas, Texas seems to be one of the more desirable places to consider. The sunny weather, friendly people, great food and affordable living are few among many reasons to check out the Lone-Star state.

Here are Door To Door’s Top 10 Reasons To Move To Dallas, Texas:

  1. Location, Location, Location
  2. Shopping
  3. Job Opportunities
  4. Affordable Living
  5. Friendly People
  6. Art
  7. Food
  8. God
  9. Low Taxes
  10. Slurpees

Location, Location, Location: It’s nice to be able to jaunt away for the weekend without breaking the bank. In Dallas, you have plenty of beautiful lakefront beaches, not to mention a mere 4-hour drive to experience the wonders of the Gulf Coast. You can hike among 150 year old trees in the Spring Creek Forest, experience the rolling hill terrain while stopping at amazing B&B’s, or you can stay close and venture through nature preserves and amusement parks. With Dallas being so centrally located, you can just about visit any major Texas City within a few hours and for longer trips you can fly to L.A or New York in the same amount of time. You even have a great selection of direct international flights to choose from.

Shopping: Texas is big in many ways and shopping is no exception. Did you know that Highland Park Village was the first true “mall” built in America? Home to the famous Neiman Marcus department store, shopping could be considered a sport in Dallas. You’ll find many mini boutiques, large shopping plazas with high-end designer labels, hip styles, trendy art shops and a plethora of antique stores. It’s not all about big hair and boots anymore!

Job Opportunities: Second only to New York in its population of billionaires; there is no shortage of money or jobs in Dallas. With its strong economy, low unemployment rate, and diverse industries, jobs are aplenty, especially in the fields of technology, retail, finance, and aviation. Oh…and let’s not forget the whole Oil and Gas thing. According to The Examiner, the top jobs available through 2020 will be Home Health Aides, Petroleum Engineers, and Network/Communications Analysts.

Affordable Living: With no personal state income tax being the start, the median house price of $188,000 makes Dallas, Texas one of the most budget friendly cities around. Forbes even placed Dallas at #17 in the top 20 Most Affordable Cities to Live. With its own power grid, Texas utilities tend to be lower and while wages tend to be lower as well, they do not negate the less expensive health care, rents, and food costs.

Friendly People: Not many think of Texas as being a tolerant city but the reality, especially in Dallas, is that that majority of people are very friendly, down to earth, and quite tolerant of their fellow man. Strangers tend to greet one another with the famous “Y’all” or “Howdy” and according to the 2013 Harris Poll, Dallas is the “Happiest City Among America’s Top 10 Markets” which interestingly enough, 75% of residents attribute to their spiritual beliefs.

God: It’s no secret that Dallas is a predominantly Christian city, not to mention Texas as a whole. More than 60% of residents affiliate with a religion with the Protestants, Methodists, Baptists, and Catholics taking up the majority of that statistic. Few neighborhoods are without churches on most corners. Of interest, the Cathedral of Hope, a LGBT Protestant church touts itself as the largest congregation of it’s kind in the world.

Food: It has been said that Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York City and the flavorful options are endless. Texas is known for it’s famous BBQ but it certainly doesn’t stop there. From French Cuisine and Tex-Mex to mouthwatering steakhouses and authentic lid-blowing Mexican, Dallas prides itself on its good-grub options so we guarantee you won’t go hungry!

Art: Dallas is home to the Dallas Art District, which is said to be one of the largest urban art centers in the nation. With over 68 acres and 19 blocks, the Dallas Art District certainly contributes to the cultural vibe of Dallas. In addition, the 30+ museums, huge collection of African-American Folk Art and affinity for Modern Art contribute significantly to the booming Dallas art scene.

Low Taxes: As mentioned above, there is no personal state income tax in Dallas, sales tax remains fairly low, and the Tax Foundation’s 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index rates Texas in the top 10 tax-friendly states for businesses. Property taxes are also quite low, not to mention, Texas is one of 12 states in the nation that does not carry a residential real estate transfer tax. Low taxes and low cost of living make a great combination for the budget conscious family.

Slurpees: 7-Eleven’s were founded in Dallas and there are more of these well known convenience stores than there are McDonalds in and around Dallas, Texas. As a result you will find yourself surrounded by Slurpee connoisseurs who enjoy just about every flavor you can imagine, all of which are available year round. So slurp up!

A thriving metroplex, Dallas is home to many urban art lover, Slurpee sipping, God fearing happy and friendly folks. With its low taxes, low cost of living and great job opportunities, Dallas is a great place to consider a career move and/or to raise a family.

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