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Moving means change.
With change comes possibility.
We understand that transition brings a mountain of possibilities; some that take a little getting used to and some you can’t wait to grab by the horns. Whether you are looking for a reason to fall in love with your new city or even how to safely pack your Grandma’s 72 year Hummels collection, we’re here for you.

Top 6 Places to Antique in San Diego

By HD Admin in San Diego, Storage on 02/27/2017

San Diego is a big city with a small city feel filled with health conscious, outdoor enthusiasts raising their families in suburbia. The beer connoisseurs can find plenty of tasting rooms and the pop-culture fanatics can easily break for a Hodad burger before teleporting back to Comic-Con; while the die-hard antiquers revel in the vast […]

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Top 5 Places to Antique in Seattle

By HD Admin in Seattle, Storage on 02/17/2017

Seattle may be a thriving metropolis oozing with high IQ’s, high minimum wages, extensive job opportunities, eclectic music scenes and an award winning collection of dog lovers who drink out of sustainable coffee cups; but did you know that the Emerald City is one of the best places to shop for antiques? There are a […]

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10 Tips For Planning A Year Abroad

By Door to Door in College, Job Relocation, Packing on 01/03/2017

Top 10 Tips For Planning A Year Abroad So, you’ve made the decision to go…now what? Whether you are planning to study abroad, teach English, rock an Internship or are simply giving your time to a Volunteer Project you are passionate about; there are more than enough things to think about before embarking on your […]

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2016 Christmas facts, brought to you by Door to Door Storage

A Few 2016 Christmas Statistics…

By Door to Door in Infographics, Just Because... on 12/26/2016

2016 Christmas Statistics Christmas 2016 is now in the books. We have compiled a few Christmas statistics, just in case you wanted to know. Where did people shop in 2016? 50% online 43% discount stores 32% traditional department stores 16% outlet stores Where did the money go? $1.3 Billion spent on Christmas trees $752 average […]

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Top 10 things people store in Los Angeles

Top 10 Things People Store in Los Angeles

By Door to Door in Los Angeles, Storage on 10/14/2016

There is always something interesting to do and see in this culturally rich City of Angels. Typical residents are devout dream followers who are rarely short on desire, ambition and an anything goes attitude. We think storage in L.A is about more than the typical furniture, seasonal clothes, and holiday decorations. We know a unique […]

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Top 10 things people store in San Francisco

Top 10 Things People Store in San Francisco

By Door to Door in Bay Area, Storage on 09/18/2016

With skyrocketing home and apartment costs, there are plenty of reasons to save space in the city of San Francisco. If you need some help knowing what kinds of things people use storage for while living in this Bay Area favorite, we’ve come up with a list of top 10 things people store in San […]

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Seasonal Storage with Door to Door's portable storage containers

Declutter Your Home With Seasonal Storage

By Door to Door in Storage on 09/08/2016

Seasonal Storage Tips We all have seasonal items in our home that spend a good half of the year or more tucked away in boxes, filling up the basement, garage, or even our closets. Over the years, these things add up; cluttering up your home and losing valuable living space. One of the best ways […]

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