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How many containers do you need?
Studio or 1 Bedroom Apartment

One container can hold 1 to 1.5 rooms or furniture or 40 - 50 medium boxes.

1 Bedroom Apartment

Two containers can hold 2 to 3 rooms of furniture or 80 - 100 medium boxes.

2 Bedroom Apartment

Three containers can hold 3 to 4.5 rooms of furniture or 120 - 150 medium boxes.

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Simply put, we’re in business to make your move easier. Value, convenience, reliability, and security are only a few of the reasons to choose Door To Door for your long-distance moving needs.

Why Choose Door to Door For Your Move?

Angies-List-Award-editFrom the get-go, we provide superior customer support with our award winning sales and customer support team.

In addition we:

  • Provide affordable, convenient and secure portable moving container solutions
  • Invented portable containerized moving and storage
  • Have over 20 Years of experience with hundreds of thousands of moves
  • Are the best in industry customer service and low claims (2011 Angie’s List Winner)
  • Ensure you only pay for what you use. Our containers are perfectly sized to fit about 1 to 1.5 rooms worth of furniture and designed to be packed tightly. Why waste space with a larger container?

Questions you’d like to ask? Feel free to call us at 866-872-2120 and a friendly representative will be available to help you right away.

How Door to Door Moving Works

We take the stress out of moving by making it as easy as possible. Here’s how:

  • We bring portable moving containers right to your door….or parking space if you live in an apartment or condo.
  • You have up to seven days to load at your pace, or in some areas, we will load the container for you.
  • You lock the containers and no one, but you, can access your belongings during your move.
  • Your moving containers ship inside secure tractor-trailers.
  • We deliver the container to your new residence where you have up to seven days to unload, or if needed, we can store your belongings inside our 24/7 secure storage facility until you need them.

Moving With Door to Door is your BEST Moving Option

Traditional, full-service, movers can be costly and often come with a higher risk of damage to your possessions. Since they usually charge by weight, amount of truck space used, and distance, you may never truly know how much your move will cost until they have your stuff loaded on the truck. In addition, renting a truck can be costly and inconvenient. Since you are charged by the day and distance traveled, you are always “on the clock”, racing to get the truck, load it, drive it to your destination, unload it and then return it.

Moving with Door to Door is your best moving option because you control your move. You load the containers at your own pace and you lock your containers so that only you have access. We’ll then pick-up and transport your container(s) to your destination and if necessary, we can store your belongings inside one of our 24/7 secure storage facilities until you need them.

Get Started Today, Request a FREE Online Moving Quote

Having your expectations met, even exceeded, makes all the difference when it comes to the business of moving. To get started, call 866-872-2120 and one of our team members will create a free custom move quote or just click the link below for an online quote.

Why choose Door to Door?

Door to Door is committed to delivering quality moving and storage solutions as well as the kind of exceptional customer care you will recommend to your friends and family.
Through all of your life transitions, we'll be here to take care of you.

Need packing tips?

  • Protect your belongings with moving blankets, boxes and bubble wrap
  • Sort containers by room - separate your garage, bedroom and kitchen
  • Pack items tightly to avoid shifting during transit
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