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Studio or 1 Bedroom Apartment

One container can hold 1 to 1.5 rooms or furniture or 40 - 50 medium boxes.

1 Bedroom Apartment

Two containers can hold 2 to 3 rooms of furniture or 80 - 100 medium boxes.

2 Bedroom Apartment

Three containers can hold 3 to 4.5 rooms of furniture or 120 - 150 medium boxes.

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For storage, compare Door to Door Storage to PODS

For storage, compare Door to Door Storage to PODS

People choose Door to Door's portable storage containers for their storage needs over PODS®. We offer a convenient and secure storage solution that is often more affordable.

Our smaller containers are designed to allow you to group your possessions for better organization and can easily be placed in areas PODS just can't. With our nimble forklift delivery method, narrow roads, short drive ways or appartment building loading docks are no problem for Door to Door.

Continue to read for even more reasons why Door to Door is the better portable container storage solution.

Compare Door to Door Storage to PODS for portable storage containers.

Door to Door Storage

  • Dry, indoor storage
  • 24/7 secure storage centers
  • Perfectly sized to keep your possessions in storage organized and minimize unused space
  • Breathable wood containers wick moisture and heat


  • May be stored outside in the elements
  • You may pay for space you won't use
  • Metal and plastic shell can trap heat and moisture
  • Entered industry years later
  • Most locations are franchise owned

The Door to Door Company Advantage

  • Family owned
  • The first portable storage and moving company, since 1996
  • Award winning* customer service team members

In 1996, Door to Door invented the portable containerized storage industry. Since then, many other companies have copied Door to Door, including PODS®. As the only family owned portable containerized storage company, we provided a consistent storage experience with one point of contact, unlike our franchised competitors. We will take care of you Door to Door.

*2011 Angie's list
customer service

Door to Door portable storage containers

Door to Door storage containers are designed for affordable, convenient and secure storage. Our containers are specifically sized, 5' wide x 8' long x 7' tall, to allow you to keep your possessions organized while in storage. Made out of breathable construction grade plywood, they avoid the build-up of mosture that leads to mold and mildew. The floors of our containers are just inches off the ground, making them easy to load without the use of ramps.

Door to Door portable storage container

Our portable storage container advantage

  • Sized to minimize unused space
  • Never pay for more space than you need
  • Easy to load at your pace, low to the ground
  • Keep your possessions organized
  • Can easily be placed where larger container can't
  • Perfect for placement in dense urban areas where space is a premium

Convenient portable storage container delivery and placement

Door to Door provides convenient delivery and placement of portable storage containers

PODS use their truck sized PODZILLA to deliver storage containers, even for their small sized containers. The PODZILLA need at least two truck lengths to deliver the container with a 12' wide 15' tall clearance to place the container. Door to Door delivers our containers using nimble Moffett (forklift) that can maneuver down narrow alley ways or streets, tight driveways or enclosed loading docks. Two of our containers will conveniently fit in a standard parking space.

Door to Door Storage container delivery advantage

  • Our Moffetts can easily maneuver narrow streets and tight driveways
  • Two containers can conveniently fit in a standard parking space
  • Can be placed close to your front door

Secure storage solution

When you lock your Door to Door storage container, no one else will have access to your possessions until you access them at one of our 24/7 secure storage facilities or have the containers re-delivered. PODS can be stored outdoors, exposed to the elements.

We believe that when compared to PODS, Door to Door is the better way to store. Call today and let one of our friendly moving experts help you plan your move.

Our secure storage solution advantage

  • You lock your Door to Door container
  • Housed inside 24/7 limited access secure storage center
  • We have never had a break-in to one of our storage facilities
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