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Studio or 1 Bedroom Apartment

One container can hold 1 to 1.5 rooms or furniture or 40 - 50 medium boxes.

1 Bedroom Apartment

Two containers can hold 2 to 3 rooms of furniture or 80 - 100 medium boxes.

2 Bedroom Apartment

Three containers can hold 3 to 4.5 rooms of furniture or 120 - 150 medium boxes.

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Value, convenience, reliability, and security are only a few of the reasons to choose Door to Door for all your storage needs.

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There are any number of reasons you might need storage help. Maybe you are planning a move but don’t want to unpack right away. Maybe you just have too much stuff but it’s not the kind of stuff you want to get rid of. Maybe you are remodeling your current home, or going back home for the summer from college. Whatever the case, let Door to Door help you.

We’re dedicated to providing the most simple and straightforward Do-It-Yourself storage options around. Throw in our excellent rates and superior customer support and it is easy to see why just so many people in the Northwest and beyond choose Door to Door for their storage needs.

So contact us today and take one thing off your to-do list right now. Get a Free Online Storage Quote from Door to Door.

Why Choose Door to Door?

Value, convenience, reliability, and security are only a few of the reasons to choose Door to Door for all your storage needs.

From the get-go, we provide superior customer support with our Free Online Storage Quote. Have a more in-depth question you’d like to ask? Feel free to call us at 866-872-2120. A friendly representative will answer your questions right away.

With a long history in the moving and self-storage industry, you can rest assured that you are working with a credible and established company. Long a leader in self-storage, Door to Door has been providing revolutionary self-storage solutions since 1996.

In fact, we caught the industry by storm in 1996 with the introduction of our portable, containerized storage in Seattle, Washington. The idea spread like wildfire down the West Coast and today Door to Door has 69 offices around the country.

Yet the popularity of our services has one drawback. Other companies have started to copy us as closely as possible. However, these companies all lack our 90% customer satisfaction rate and less than 1% in claims.

Why settle for anything less than the industry leader? Why settle for anything less than the tried and true original? When you need storage help, you need to go with Door to Door.

How Door to Door Storage Works

Door to Door strives to make storage as easy as possible. We provide a no hassle alternative to traditional storage options.

There is no need to rent a truck or borrow a vehicle when you use Door to Door. Instead, we deliver a storage container to your home or business on a specified date for you to fill by yourself at your own convenience.

Generally, one of our storage containers holds between 1 and 1.5 rooms of furniture. This translates to about forty to fifty medium-sized moving boxes. Be sure to protect your belongings by using moving blankets, boxes, and bubble wrap while packing. Pack items tightly – both in their boxes and in the storage container – to avoid shifting during transit.

When you’re done packing, give us a call and we will come pick up your container and transport it to one of our secure indoor storage centers. Simply let us know when you need access to your belongings and you are free to come by and pick a few things up.

Alternatively, we can drop the storage container off for you to unpack – if you are moving to a new home, for instance. Once again, you can keep the container for up to seven days as you unpack your belongings.

Door to Door Storage

Traditional storage methods can be tedious and confusing. You have to rent a storage unit and figure out how to move your stuff there by yourself. Why make storage any more difficult than it has to be? You probably have a lot on your mind already.

So go with Door to Door, the smartest alternative to traditional storage and movers. When you use Door to Door, you save yourself time, money, and risk. We are the moving and storage company that is here to help you do it your way, all the way.

Once again, don’t hesitate to call us directly at 866-872-2120 for more information on our self-storage services.

Request a Free Online Storage Quote

Getting what you expect – and getting it when you expect it – is important. When it comes to storage, it makes all the difference.

So go with a storage company you can trust. Go with Door to Door. Request a Free Online Storage Quote by using the form to the side of this page. All you have to do is specify that you are interested in storage, enter your zip code, and select how many containers you need. Then – voila – we’ll provide you with your free quote.

Visit our Moving and Storage Locations page to learn more about the specific storage services we offer in your local area.

Why choose Door to Door?

Door to Door is committed to delivering quality moving and storage solutions as well as the kind of exceptional customer care you will recommend to your friends and family.
Through all of your life transitions, we'll be here to take care of you.

Need packing tips?

  • Protect your belongings with moving blankets, boxes and bubble wrap
  • Sort containers by room - separate your garage, bedroom and kitchen
  • Pack items tightly to avoid shifting during transit
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