Job relocation

Relocating for a New Job

We know there is a lot to think about when planning an out of state job change, so many in fact, the process can quickly become overwhelming. If you are looking for a place to start, call Door to Door and take advantage of our affordable prices and convenient services; then check out our top ten tips for easing the stress that comes with along with transition.

10 Tips for a Successful Job Relocation

  1. Do Your Research First: Before you consider a move…or a new company for that matter, it’s best to do your research. Find out what financial shape your potential company is in before committing to a job out of state. Make sure you understand the cost of living difference in your new city and decide whether or not you will be able to tolerate any potential climate or recreational differences. A great place to get started is by searching up your new city’s dedicated website.
  2. Plan Ahead: Seems simple enough right? This is actually a big and often overlooked step. Planning enough is usually the problem. If you can manage it, plan it all, right down to the last detail. Think about the city you are moving to….the city you are moving from….the logistics of the move itself….what are you going to do when you arrive? What will your kids be doing? Schedule the transfer of your important financial details like insurance, taxes, and money management.  Really take your time with this step and try to address every detail. Having this information as you get closer to your move, when the stress starts to build, will save your sanity.
  3. Keep Your Options Open: While it can be stressful, moving to a new city can feel exciting and adventurous. A common mistake is that people jump too quickly into their new environment, wanting everything to be “settled” as quickly as possible. We recommend renting (shorter term if possible) before buying, that way you can explore the local neighborhoods more efficiently and more importantly, give yourself some time to really know whether or not your new job is the “right” job before making any long term financial commitments.
  4. Stay Organized: A little organization goes a long way and the more organized you are, the less meltdowns you’ll experience while executing your move. Create a go-to list of all-important contacts and keep them and any other moving related information in a single binder. Back up your computer data, organize your power cords with labels, invest in a fireproof lockbox for all of your important documents, purge, and don’t move anything you haven’t used/touched in a year. It’s best to start this process early if you can. The more you think about essentials, the more organized you will be.
  5. Ask For Relocation Assistance: Relocation packages are not as common as they used to be but many companies still offer them.  You don’t know until you ask. So when you are negotiating that final salary, ASK about a relocation package and see what they say. There are a plethora of different ways a company can assist with the logistics around job relocation.
  6. Get To Know Your New City: You’ll want to acquaint yourself with your new city and surroundings. Walk, bike, or drive around to see what’s where. Note where the necessities are like the Post Office, Supermarket, Library, Hospitals, and Gym etc. It’s also important to immerse yourself in the new culture by getting involved. Meet your neighbors, colleagues and local shop owners; all of which can give you some great tips and advice on what’s fun around town. Once you are settled a bit, consider taking a class, joining a sporting league, or volunteering. The more connected you are the more you’ll start to feel at home.
  7. Plan For Family Needs: What types of activities are you or your kids involved in? Will you need to find new resources to keep up favorite hobbies? What about schools or daycares? Special medical care? Social outlets? When you are in your planning phase, it’s a good idea to think about the things your family participates in or with and then do your best to find access to those things in your new city.
  8. Know What’s Available To You: Scope out your new community to see what’s offered like yoga classes, cooking clubs, book clubs, play centers and more. In addition, many businesses offer first time deals or trials for food, services and goods. Take advantage of these possibilities whenever you can as not only will it will get you out and about but it’ll also get you trying new things and meeting new people.
  9. Build A Social Support Network: Just like you would use social media to network for a job, use it to network for new friends. Join clubs, meet coworkers after work for a bite to eat, a drink, or even recreational activities. The faster you get to know the people around you the more at home you will feel. A great website for finding like-minded people in your area is
  10. Find Out If Moving Is Tax Deductible: If you are unable to get any financial assistance from your new employer, be sure to check on whether or not part of your moving expenses are tax deductible. IRS Topic 455 will clarify any qualifying expenses for you.

Biggest Relocation Challenges

But relocating for work isn’t all fun and games. A number of difficult challenges come along with it. According to a study by, workers commonly coped with the following relocation challenges.

  • Higher cost of living
  • Family stress
  • Difficulty making new friends
  • Homesickness

Fortunately though, over seventy-five percent of workers were happy with their relocation when all was said and done. They benefited from making a fresh start, having new experiences, earning at a higher level grade, improving long-term career opportunities, and living in an area with better neighborhoods and schools.


The Easiest Path From A to B is D to D

When your career takes you somewhere new, Door to Door is right there by your side to make the transition as easy as possible.

Our dependable portable container moving and storage services are the perfect solution to all your moving woes. Want to take things slow? The ability to leave some – or even all – of your belongings in storage prevents unpacking and re-packing before you commit to a permanent home. Or if you’re immediately happy with your new place, we can drop your storage container off right away, giving you as much time to unpack as you need before picking it up.

Moving from point A to point B doesn’t have to be difficult when you use D to D. Contact us today by phone at 1-888-366-7222.

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