Storage Services for Staging a Home

Show Them What They’re Looking For

Buying a home is an emotional process. If you want motivated buyers then you’ll need to reach them through their imagination. Successful real estate professionals know that in order to get the highest offer on a home, it needs to look its best – and that doesn’t just mean clean. Decluttering and staging your home, either with props or your own furniture, helps make it easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves living there.


And with all you have on your mind, we intend to make this process easier for you. With the containerized moving services from Door to Door we’re able to deliver portable storage containers to you, in which you’ll place your unneeded items clearing the way for effective staging. Want to know the best part? You can store it at your own property or we can store it for you then when it’s time to move, we simply pick them up and deliver them to your new home. Voila!

10 Tips for Staging Your Home

A well staged home is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It’s about evoking a yearning in potential buyers, a way to establish their desire for your home. Here are some great tips to help you get started.

  1. White-Out – There is something about the cleanliness of the color white. Two ways to really make this color stand out in your home are; to replace all old, dingy lampshades with bright white ones and to turn your bathrooms white by adding white shower curtains, white towels, white walls etc.
  2. Update Kitchen Fixtures – Remodeling an entire kitchen is not likely in your budget but replacing old fixtures can be! Adding high end, kitchen faucets, replacing cabinet pulls or re-facing your cabinet doors all go a long way in updating a drab kitchen.
  3. Float Your Furniture – Many assume that pushing your furniture back against the walls of a room create a more spacious look. They couldn’t be more wrong. If you “float” your furniture away from the walls and arrange them closer together, it actually appears that you have more space. For instance, put the couch, loveseat, and coffee table on a large area rug leaving a nice perimeter around the room.
  4. Repurpose Unused Space – Do you have an open space under your stairs, unused open attic space? What about a room that’s sole purpose is to store “stuff”? When you make the most of empty spaces, you create value for your potential buyers. Add a small chair, lamp and book stand under the stairs and you have an instant reading nook. Clean out the clutter room, add a desk and some shelving and call it a Craft Room. What about a small Home Office using open attic space?
  5. Light It Up – Before you show your home, turn all the lights on. Every. Single. One.  This will give it a bright cheery feeling and prove you have nothing to hide.
  6. Finish The Unfinished – Do you have a couple hardwood floor boards unstained or unpainted due to a recent repair? What about a half painted wall? A shed half built? You’ll want to finish up all those projects you started before staging and placing your home on the market. You never want to give you buyers an “undone” feeling while walking through your home.
  7. Minimize Clutter – Clutter can create stressful feelings for many people. Clear out extra furniture and clean off the shelves, tabletops and kitchen counters. When decorating use the odd number rule: Always use an odd number and differently sized décor items. It’s also a good idea to minimize your wall decorations and make sure that what you do have up is not too linear – be creative with placement.
  8. Update With Paint – If your walls are looking a little worse for wear or if you have some creative colors, you’ll want to tone them down before listing your home. Paint as much as you can with neutral colors to give your buyers a “blank slate” to imagine with. Extend the same color into an adjacent room to have the space appear larger and use darker colors in powder rooms which gives them a touch of elegance.
  9. Contemporary Appliances – This one may sound like a hefty investment at first BUT it’s been proven over and over that sellers often get all that money back plus more by the increase in price and offers on the home. Stainless steel is a favorite but make sure they don’t have fingerprints all over them.
  10. Revamp Rooms – Take all of the decorations out of each room and only put ½ of them back when revamping. Think clean lines, minimal clutter, and creating an open, airy space in every room.

This simple process delivers all these benefits:

Flexibility & Convenience

Using Door to Door containers to pack while your home is on the market makes it easy to move out gradually while maintaining an orderly, inviting appearance. You can pack strategically, leaving enough furniture to give it that welcoming, lived-in look while getting all the other items loaded and ready to go.


The idea that strangers will be touring your home while you’re not there can be uncomfortable. They could have the opportunity to see and touch things they shouldn’t. However, if you put those things in your Door to Door storage container, they won’t have a chance.


Some people try to sell their homes themselves only to find that it’s a lot more difficult and expensive than they thought. The same goes for moving. With Door to Door, you get the best of both worlds: do-it-yourself convenience along with expert support.

And don’t forget that Door to Door also has all the supplies for a safe, successful move. We provide packing kits that include everything you need to prepare and pack the contents of any room. You can also purchase packing supplies separately, including:

  • Small, medium, large and specialty packing boxes
  • Locks
  • Bubble wrap and tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Furniture covers


Why choose Door to Door?

Door to Door is committed to delivering quality moving and storage solutions as well as the kind of exceptional customer care you will recommend to your friends and family.
Through all of your life transitions, we'll be here to take care of you.

Need packing tips?

  • Protect your belongings with moving blankets, boxes and bubble wrap
  • Sort containers by room - separate your garage, bedroom and kitchen
  • Pack items tightly to avoid shifting during transit
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